Caryn neck pillow Free Size


Neck & shoulder massager •All-in-One Soft Velour Neck Support & Comfort Relaxation Cushion Pillow (with Vibration) Stretchable ,Squeezable •Irresistible Type – With vibration . Weight with Carton – 340 gms Carton Size – 30x24x13 cm (L * W * H) Area of Focus – Neck and Shoulder Massage Type – Cushion for Neck massage Therapy Type – Vibration Material – Soft fabric, Micro beads, Vibrating motor, Type – Cushion for Neck massage Benefits, Eases the pain brought by the nerves constriction and prevents and releases muscle tension. • Easy to attach to any luggage with pull handle without taking up extra space for easy transportation. • It improves blood circulation Specifications This is a neck massager with comfort fabric, power button, great for travel & snaplock tab etc.Massager Method: How to use : 1. Put 2 AA size batteries inside the socket which is inbuilt in the pillow. 2. Put on the switch to start 3. Put the pillow on neck and massage. After a long day at work, our neck muscles tend to seize up and become knotted… especially if you work on a computer or doing a laborious job. There’s nothing like a massage to soothe those tired, stiff and sore muscles. That’s why you’re going to love this Neck Massage Pillow. It gently massages your neck and shoulders with a press of a button. It helps to improve blood circulation for the neck and shoulder. It also helps to prevent cervical and vertebra strain.



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