LED Surgical Headlight

$27,500.00 $26,000.00



  • A powerful LED headlight with a Professional Headband.
  • Set consists of 2 Rechargeable Battery packs with built in intensity control. One pack can be charged while the other is being used.
  • Battery pack mounts on side of headband. No messy wires!
  • Adjustable spot size ring on headlight.
  • The poweful white LED light makes this suitable for use in Diagnosis as well as Operating Procedures.


Brightness 22,000 lux
Intensity Control 0-100%
Spot Diameter 20-120mm at 500mm distance
Color Temperature 5,500K (white light)
Light Source 3W Powerful white LEDs
Life of Bulbs Approximately 50,000 hours
Power Source Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery pack

(2 packs included in set)

Battery Run Time 4 hours
Charge Time 3 hours for full charge
Battery Life 300 charge/discharge cycles
Battery Adapter 100-240VAC 50/60Hz